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Журнал № 1 2016г.
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Журнал № 2, 2016 год
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Welcome to the website of the scientific-technical magazine Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas magazine has been published since 1996 and is the authoritative Kazakhstan’s scientific and technical publication on oil and gas industry development and related key sectors – energy, subsoil use, petrochemicals, biosphere protection, etc., and thus it is a mouthpiece of industrially-innovative development of the entire oil and gas industry. The magazine is registered in France by the International Centre for Serials ISSN 1562-2932, and since January, 2013, it is included in the indexing database of scientific and technical literature INSPEC DIRECT (the United Kingdom).

The editorial staff and attracted experts carry out ongoing analysis and monitoring, inform readers about the most significant achievements, monographs and works of Kazakhstan scientists, both in national and in international publications and publishing houses, as well as annually determine scientists, who have attained outstanding results, international scientific recognition and citation in the world highly ranked magazines.


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